Jessica Siani N.D.

Dr. Jessica Siani is a California licensed naturopathic doctor. Her main focus is helping patients optimize their health and overcome chronic illness.
Dr. Siani received her doctorate degree and medical education from Bastyr University in Seattle Washington.
Her comprehensive medical training in both conventional and natural medicine allows Dr. Siani to provide her patients with many different options when it comes to to their healthcare needs. Her treatment options focus on optimizing diet and nutritional status, exercise, sleep and other lifestyle factors. She readily uses vitamin and mineral supplementation, herbal medicines, and pharmaceutical prescriptions when necessary. Her goal is to help patients move beyond symptom management, towards a state of health and well being, by empowering them to be proactive participants in their care and make healthy decisions in their everyday lives.
Her unceasing and passionate quest for knowledge and information drives her to eagerly seek out the most up-to-date medical information in both conventional and alternative medicine through continuing education. Dr. Siani holds special interest in women’s health, menopause, endocrine and digestive disorders, autoimmune conditions, allergies, and detoxification.
Dr Siani has a great love of the nature and the outdoors, most of her personal time is spent exploring it!

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